There have been important timelines in the history of the I.C.C.D. but 14 th August 2019 will be a special occasion – it celebrates our 70 th year in existence since the formation of the I.C.S.C. in Copenhagen, Denmark 1949. This is an incredible accomplishment, and this is down to the passionate support of the member-countries. We can all look back on our achievements with great pride and look forward to the next five years leading to the Diamond Jubilee (75 th ) in 1924. The same year shall also mark the 100 th Anniversary of the Deaflympics.
Over the next five years, there shall be historical articles published on the ICCD website to both intrigue and remind you of deaf chess achievements. And I, as your 7 th ICCD President, am asking each of you to be involved in the run-up towards our 75 th Jubilee celebrations. We would welcome deaf chess materials and photo of great historical interest and also chess articles relating to deaf chess associations / clubs and players. This will help towards publishing a special 75 th Jubilee book which should be of pictorial interest. There are a few in which I can happily share with you:

Figure 1: The original ICSC Logo

Figure 2: Poster Logo of the first ICSC chess event at Oslo 1953 in which
Norway beat Great Britain 8-0 over two matches.

Figure 3: M. Svabensky (Czechoslovakia), probably the greatest deaf chess
world-champion (3-times) in the history of ICSC/ICCD.

Figure 4: Mr. L. G. Dronkers (1 st President) – founder of the ICSC in 1949.

I wish to thank you for your involvement in the ICCD family!
“Ad Augusta Per Augusta” (through difficulties to greatness)

Phillip K. Gardner, 7 th ICCD President