Hello all deaf chess friends! This is Gardner, ICCD President – hope you all are well and staying positive in this coronavirus pandemic madness.

Chess is the only sport that is doing ok – we play indoors, need only a chess set and board (+ clock), have access to books, computers and online internet.

Now two pieces of information:

1) Estonia (World Deaf Chess Championships & 35 – yes, June 2020 is officially cancelled but now rescheduled for November 2020.  Estonia Deaf Sports Federation will commence in June 2020, so will need time to look at the ongoing issues before they confirm it.   Please be patient.

2)  FIDE  – both Chess Olympiad (Moscow) and 1st Chess Paralympics (Khanty Mansyisk) are officially cancelled and moved to 2021.  Now the question – why Chess Paralympics?  I am technically on their board of directors but need clarification.  For we already have our own Winter Deaflympics Chess.  So I will come back to you on this.