Dear ICCD Li_Chess participants


You all have carved a historical milestone for deaf chess worldwide – this is the first ever ICCD World Individual Li_Chess Championship. Results will forever be recorded in the ICCD’s history.   


I urge each of you to enjoy participating in each of the 15-rounds whatever the outcome is. I sincerely do hope you will make new friends worldwide – we will all meet at some point.   ICCD wishes to welcome the new countries into our fast-growing family.    


I wish to thank the ICCD Li_Chess Organising team for making this possible – the hard work they have put in is worthy of praise.  There will be more ICCD International tournaments to come in the near future.  We shall reveal the identity of each Li Chess player in our report after the conclusion of the Championships.  


Yours in chess

Phillip Gardner, ICCD President  (ICCD1957)