With the support of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine in Kyiv from 28 to 30 October 2020 in the conference hall of the hotel “Bratislava” was held an open training seminar for the hearing impaired, which was held according to FIDE and dedicated to the development and organization of chess.

This seminar was a joint project of the Ukraine Deaf Sports Federation, the Ukraine Chess Federation and the International Chess Committee of the Deaf (ICCD).

Despite the quarantine difficulties, the only foreign citizen, ICCD representative Peter Berenyi from Sweden, came to the seminar.

The Ukraine Deaf Sports Federation , represented by President Leonid Kasitskyi, congratulated everyone on the start of work and thanked all the organizers involved in this event.

Lecturers from FIDE (International Chess Federation), as stated in the program of the international seminar, were Alexander Sulipa and Adrian Mikhalchyshyn.

The first is the head coach of the Ukrainian national chess team and the grandmaster, and the second is the coach, grandmaster and physicist.

Andrian, from the fact that he recently returned from a business trip abroad, is forced to act online in accordance with anti-coronavirus rules.

Both are experienced and extremely interesting storytellers for everyone who was present at these autumn lectures. According to the program of the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to ask their questions, which they used with pleasure and sparkle in their eyes and received meaningful and complete answers.

The bright and unforgettable 16 hours of theoretical classes of the seminar program included various aspects of the organization and development of chess.

At the end of the official program, lecturers under the supervision of FIDE specialists conducted online testing of participants, and as a result, a solemn ceremony of awarding certificates took place in a friendly and positive atmosphere.

The seminar was coordinated by a representative of  Ukraine Chess Federation  – Ivan Ilnytsky (Vice President of the Lviv Regional Chess Federation, National Referee of Ukraine).