It has become evident that the Amsterdam 2021 chess results had not been listed on the FIDE ELO ratings since October 2021.  ICCD has been getting a few queries regarding the ratings, and we have had a difficult time resolving this matter.

The chief reason for the lack of ratings was the absence of a registration form deemed necessary from the Royal Dutch Chess Federation as to cascade to FIDE for rating purposes. However, there were three players without a FIDE ID number thus causing complications.  As a result, the ICCD Seniors event had to be removed from the ratings seeing that we could not unlock a player’s FIDE registration ID that had been dormant for many years.

The good news is that the ratings will appear in the FIDE list for FEBRUARY 2022.

ICCD wishes to apologise for the delay in publishing the ratings from the Amsterdam chess event, and also for the lack of results appearing through

Phillip Gardner, President ICCD