ICSD “Round Table” with Four Associate Members

Lausanne – 9 March 2016. ICSD established roles and duties for the World Deaf Championships and cooperation works at the “round table” meeting with four associate members: Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF), Deaf International Football Association (DIFA), International Chess Committee of the Deaf (ICCD) and World Deaf Golf Federation (WDGF). The goal is to help improve relations between ICSD and four associate members. The agenda included clarification on the roles, contributions, and expectations from ICSD and each associate member.

All parties involved expressed interest in a follow-up meeting this summer. They also noted the importance of establishing permanent and constructive interactions between ICSD and the representative bodies. The delegates from the four associate members shared invaluable viewpoints and tips. The meeting ended on a very positive note, with every delegate satisfied and happy with the new strategy and goals. This meeting is a first for the ICSD and the four associate members.