Hello, I’m ICCD President Gardner and I am here for the draw of the 1st ICCD World Individual Li_Chess Championships for Women’s. In all, we have 19 women; 16 of them ELO rated leaving 3 with zero rating. So we would need to place the top 13 rated players into seeding order, and have the 3 rated players drawn against 3 non-rated players.

The 2 players from the same country would need to be placed separately in the draw.


Rated                             Not Rated

Ecuador    versus            Australia

India 2      versus            Iran

Kazakhstan 2 versus     Israel


The winners would go into the competition prepare whilst the losers together with the first round losers would go into the ‘B’ group competition.

More information of the pairings will be on the ICCD website and Facebook. Thank you! Goodbye!