I, as ICCD President, am proud to welcome all the 65 individual participants from 32 different countries to the 1 st ICCD World Individual Online Chess Championships. For the first time ever, we have players from all four continents – Asia, Europe, Africa and the Pan-America! Its shows that chess is tremendously popular globally, and over the last 12 months, there have been nearly 20 additions to the ICCD family!

I would like the opportunity of thanking the Li Chess Organising Committee for their hard work in making this possible; it has been no easy task. We are fully prepared to tackle several future potential technical issues which may have an impact on the Championships but we intend to bring these to an absolute minimum. In doing this, we need all your cooperation – “two heads are better than one”.

There are four sections in all, and the following persons have been recruited to take responsibility are:
Junior Girls: Zaynidinov Sirojiddin ( Siroj_chess_fm)
Junior Boys: Dragan Moldananovic (chess_daki)
Women: Phillip Gardner (ICCD1957)
Men: Peter Berenyi (PeterSwe) / Vladimir Kovalenko (Kovchess)

The Li Chess lead person is Peter Bereyni and he can be contacted via peterberenyi2@gmail.com should you wish to use the email.

We would gladly see all competitors interact with each other – you can use the Notifications (in the form of a bell) icon on the top of your Li Chess Profile. Or better still, use the chat room. Any tips, advice, or queries, use the Forum at the bottom. Thank you.

As promised, medals, diplomas, certificates and titles will be awarded. I wish the players every success and pure enjoyment. Be honoured to represent your country!

Good luck!
Phillip Gardner, ICCD President