After arrival at the airport of Copenhagen (Denmark) Mr. Mende went to Lund (Sweden) by the Öresund-train. The train went over the Öresundbridge (7.8 km long and 200m high) to Lund. The travel time was 35 min.

Mr.Peter Berényi and Mr.Jaroslav Korenkiewicz had met Mr.Mende at the train station.

Distance from the station to the Elite Hotel (place where the tournament will be held) is easy to reach by feet in 25 min. It will be a shuttle from the train station to the hotel.

Lund is he oldest city of Sweden founded around the year 990 and has 83.000 residents. 9.6 million people live in Sweden. Lund is a city with a lot of students, marked with modern buildings.

The city has a lot of places to visit, a walk through the city is easy.

Together with Peter Berényi, head of organisation of SK Biskop 97 for the 1. Europe-championship, Mr. Jaroslav  Korenkiewicz,  president oft the swedish deaf-chess-organisation, hotel-manager Mrs. Asa Kryger and sign language translator, we met at the Elite hotel and found good solutions for supporting the ICCD.

The new 4-star hotel (opened in 2013) has 14 floors with 173 rooms. At a base floor the hotel provides separated sauna for men and women, gym, table-tennis room, also it´s possible to rent a bike, all for free.

There are single rooms with and without window and double rooms with and without window. Also a double room plus one additional bed is possible. All are equipped with shower, WC, freezer, air condition, flat iron, tea and coffeemaker, TV and table.

At the basement there is a restaurant with a nice breakfast buffet and around the hotel, there are supermarket, restaurants, and little snack possibilities.

In the spacious conference room  at first floor there will be the ICCD Chess tournament. I think we will be comfortable there.

There were a lot of meetings and inspections by me with Peter and Jaroslav during 2 days.

We visited the Grand-Hotel, 5 stars, (built in 1898) near the train station. There we could make a bankett and the presentation ceremony. We met with hotel manager Mrs. Sara Gyllin and translator. They also will support the ICCD. The presentation ceremony could take place in the basement inside the hall with armchairs.

After that we can continue at the first floor in the lobby with buffet and entertainment and dancing.

On the third day Mr. Mende said good bye and thanked a lot Mr.Berényi for the friendly meeting and being a friendly host in Lund. It was good for the relationship between the ICCD and the host.

For sure we will have a nice and unforgettable experience in Lund from 7.-12.July 2017.

Holger Mende

ICCD – Treasurer und Lund – Inspektor